Cary Child Support LawyersWhen dealing with anything related to your child, it is important to speak with an experienced divorce attorney. One small mistake or oversight in this legal process could have significant long-term effects and be a difficult and lengthy process to amend.

NC child support lawyers, Andrea Nyren Doyle and Ann-Margaret Alexander leverage 25+ years of Family Law experience to help ensure an optimal outcome of child support issues.

Child Support in North Carolina

North Carolina Statutes provide a formula for determining the amount of child support owed by one party to another. This formula is called the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines.

The formula is based upon the income-sharing approach and utilizes each party’s gross income while giving credit for payments made for health care insurance premiums for the child, work-related child care expenses, and other extraordinary expenses. The formula also takes into account the number of overnights the child spends with each parent.

NC Child Support Worksheets

Worksheet A is used if one parent has less than 123 overnights, Worksheet B is used if both parents have more than 123 overnights, and Worksheet C is used if the parties have more than one child and each parent has primary custody of at least one child each.

Each worksheet provides for the various custodial arrangements and therefore more than just the number of overnights should be considered before determining which worksheet is right for you.

Child Support Payment Calculator

Use this online tool to calculate the appropriate child support payment amount pursuant to the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines:

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