Every legal situation is different, and that can impact the cost of attorney fees. However, below is a general list of some of the more common legal services and general pricing information.

General Fees

Separation Agreement Starting at $2000
Separation Agreement or Prenup Review (up to 1.5 hours) $500
Uncontested/Absolute Divorce (Only in NC) from $1000 (Includes court costs and 1 Attempt at Service)
Divorce from Bed and Board Please contact the attorney to discuss Divorce from Bed and Board
Annulment Please contact the attorney to discuss annulment in NC
Custody Agreement (Uncontested) Starting at $1,200
Contested Child Custody and Support Starting at $3,500
Post-Separation Support & Alimony Case by case basis
Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements Starting at $1500
Termination of Parental Rights Starting at $2,500
Adoption Starting at $2,500
Paternity Starting at $1,500
Non-Warranty Deed $250 (Client Records)
Non-Warranty Deed $350 (Attorney Records)
Free Trader Agreement $250 (Client Records)
Free Trader Agreement $350 (Attorney Records)
QDRO Starting at $1,200
Domestic Violence- Representation (50B or 50C) Starting at $3,000
Draft Court Documents (Pleadings) Contact attorney for quote, does not include representation in court
Simple Will Starting at $400
Will/Trust Starting at $400
Power of Attorney $150 (Client Records)
Power of Attorney $250 (Attorney Records)
Living will $150
Healthcare Power of Attorney $150

Schedule a Consultation

Speak to an experienced family law attorney to discuss your legal situation and the potential fees associated. Remember, it is much more cost-efficient to meet with an attorney now than it is to wait until there is a problem or costly oversight.