The process for NC divorces can be a tricky one. Make sure you know the best practices for dealing with your divorce or separation.

8 Legal Tips for Divorce and Separation

  1. You should seek advice from legal counsel prior to moving out of your residence.
  2. Do not sign any document prior to its review by an attorney.
  3. Do not file for divorce unless you have resolved your issues of property distribution and spousal support.
  4. Good legal advice prior to separating can potentially save you thousands of dollars.
  5. No law requires a couple to prepare and sign paperwork (such as a separation agreement) when they separate.
  6. Oral agreements at the time of separation (concerning the rights and duties of the couple) are difficult to prove and impossible to enforce.
  7. Legal documents, such as separation agreements, are best prepared by attorneys. Would you attempt to remove your engine from your automobile when it needs repair?
  8. Do not procrastinate in consulting with an attorney.

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