family law attorneys for same sex couplesSince October 2014, same-sex couples have been allowed to legally marry in North Carolina. However, both married and unmarried same-sex couples continue to face a variety of challenges due to limited legal precedent. Many couples have cohabited for years prior to getting married, and have acquired personal and real property often without any written agreement.

Knowledgeable LGBT family law attorneys like Alexander & Doyle can help answer your questions about child custody, child support, and property rights. Wills, deeds, and written contracts can help avoid dispute in the event of separation from a domestic partner.

Child Custody & Visitation

Unmarried couples (same sex or opposite sex) are not legally allowed to jointly adopt a child. Consequently, if an unmarried couple decides to adopt a child, they must make the difficult decision to make one of the parents the legal parent.

If an unmarried couple decides to separate up after years of being parents together, it can be difficult to determine custody for the non-legal parent.

Child Support

Same-sex couples with a child, have a responsibility to support that child financially after separating.

Spousal Support and Property Division

Same-sex married couples are able to file for post-separation support and/or alimony. Also, property and debts acquired while married are subject to division.

Unmarried couples are not entitled to spousal support unless there was a written agreement.

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